Monday, June 24, 2013

nano qx maiden

I just received the new Blade Nano QX. This thing is tiny! The box is about half the size of a typical college calculus book. It comes with a usb charger instead of the usual wall charger so it is a perfect coworker harassment tool. Too bad I got the BNF version or I would just keep the whole set in the office.

This thing comes with software called SAFE (sensor assisted flight envelope). What a difference it makes. In stability mode, this is probably the easiest flying thing I’ve played with. It’s self levels and yet it doesn’t have the annoying tendencies of the mSR. I find agility mode to be a bit hard to fly, so I didn’t try a flip yet. Not sure if it’s because I’m a little rusty (been 3 months again) or just the tiny size of the thing. The prop guards are also nice, but it sounds like it’ll only be useful on low speed bumps.

The way it switches between stability and agility mode is a bit odd. According to the manual, you set normal flaps to down 20. To switch modes, you cycle flap position from 0-1-0 (dx6i). Here’s how it behaves:

0 - stability mode with blue led
1 - agility mode with red led
0 - red led, but cyclic has no control
1 - stability mode with blue led

When the led is blue, everything works fine no matter where the flaps switch is. However, You lose cyclic control when the led is red and flaps in the 0 position. This inconsistency is something a little annoying. It should really be 1-0-1 since position 1 works in both modes. If I take another extended break from this hobby, I’m sure to forget about this. Not sure why it isn’t just 0 stability mode and 1 agility mode. my first guess is it’s some optimization so they only have to detect a change to switch modes. But why is detecting a change more efficient than checking for the value?

Other than that little problem, it’s a very nice little quad. The indoor friendliness will make me fly it more.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

first inverted attempt

It’s finally happened. I’ve been comfortable flying circuits and loops for a while now. Comfortable means I’ve stopped worrying about it flying into my face. They’re still Pringles shaped and nowhere near pretty, but I’ve decided I’m ready. Finally gained an real understanding of what collective management and tail blowing out means. Before I was only able to guess at what people meant by doing pitch pumps. I only lost 1 shaft bearing for trying this, but I got a few seconds of inverted hovering out of it. I’m happy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

hat cam with keychain camera 808 #16

My lens B for the 808 keychain camera #16 arrived. I think it is better as a hat-cam than lens D.

Lens B:

Lens D: